Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Had a little help from my friends...

For those of you who have patiently endured the thoughts on my exodus from Facebook, my continual struggle with distractions and it's relation to grumpiness, etc., and the revelations I've had on how I don't have to be this fool anymore (amen and hallelujah), I want to give you a few resources that have shaped my thoughts and prayers over the last couple of years and increasingly over the last several months.  These are only links because I can't share my husband and friends who (thank the good Lord) have prayed for, counseled, and loved me as a mess...if you could get Christ-counseling friends and family on Amazon I'd certainly give you that link, too.  But until those become available here are my virtual friends...

I give you these with a caveat: books, articles, and thoughts can only do so much for you.  Knowledge alone doesn't change you: Grace does.  Believe me, I read plenty of these articles, secular and spiritual to shake the stupid out of me. But none of these are effective until I look to Jesus, receive his grace (John 1:16–17), and am empowered by his Spirit to be changed.  

BUT, these resources are a means of grace to awaken me from my sleepy stupor and help me stumble my way into the light of Christ.  

First, the book and study How People Change by Paul David Tripp and Timothy Lane has been my connection from knowledge to power.  I would be a behavior-modifying mess for years to come if it weren't for them reminding me what walking hand-in-hand with Jesus looks like.

Second credit goes to HandsFreeMama.com, Rachel Macy Stafford with her blog and books, who brought me relief that I'm not alone, and that my faith and family are worth the "sacrifices" of social media, to-do-lists, and silly distractions. 

Next, DesiringGod.org who continually challenges me to see reality in light of the all-satisfying treasure that Christ is. My list of helpful blogs, Ask Pastor John podcasts, sermons, and articles would be endless, so I narrowed it to topics that relate to media, idolatry, and smartphone addiction.  Thank you Pastor John, Tony Reinke, and all the folks at DG who deliver the truth in love.
There are more than a bushel-full of DG articles but these are the ones I saved to re-read: 

This series from the Ask Pastor John podcast/app with guest Dr. Richard Lints blew. my. mind. (listen to/read them in order, they're short and packed):

  • Episode 674: Why We Never Find Our Identity Inside Ourselves
  • Episode 675: Why Are Control Freaks Prone to Idols?
  • Episode 676: Has My Phone Become My Idol? Three Diagnostic Questions
  • Episode 677: Why Are Relationships Thin in the Digital Age?
  • Episode 678: How Does God's Forgiveness Free Us From Idols?

And bonus, my old neighbor-friend and author-speaker Arlene Pellicane, along with Gary Chapman, wrote Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World. This is my next focus: how do my habits shape my children's habits, and how do I point them to real relationship and valuable time?

So, there's enough to keep you busy for awhile.  I'll add more as I am helped by more. And by the way, I don't get any monetary/reciprocal benefits from sharing the links/books with you, I just care about you and hope you're helped like I have been :)

Pressing on,

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