Monday, February 1, 2016

Groundhoggity Day 2016!

The forecasters have been bracing us for a Groundhog Day Snowstorm...apparently these happen every so often.  I'm not sure how I'll deliver our annual family newsletter to our neighbors today without my sled and dog team, so I'll post it online and call it done ;) I hope you have a snuggly warm Groundhog Day--here's some reading material while you wait for the snow plows to pass through!

Oh and hey, I had the terrifying joy of standing at a microphone to Air My Dirty Laundry with some women at Bethlehem Baptist Church and believe me, my anxiety level approaching that pulpit could have been measured in Richters. I shared with them what I originally blogged here in August (see above link), but if you'd like to listen to my voice crack, here is the link to the audio from, thanks BBC.  And here is an edited-for-sound link, thanks Tony.