Thursday, March 1, 2012

Groundhog came out of his burrow...

I know, I know Groundhog Day was exactly one month ago...but it took me that long to get back to blogging after laboring over this little paper child and licking all the envelopes to deliver him ;)  
Or in other words, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2nd and went back in for four more here ya go! :)

Really, I just wanted to wet your whistle for more news to come of God's faithfulness and perfect timing! (I promise I won't go back into my burrow before I post the follow up!)


  1. Your blogs are one the treasures of our year, Tracy. We get the best of both worlds: a peek into your cuckoo's nest and lots of laughs! You bring back so many memories of our time at KBNJ together. Dave

    1. Dave!! You are NOT going to believe this: I was JUST thinking of you and Barb this morning!! You're going to laugh at what initiated my happy thoughts: I was restocking the toilet paper in the house and I remembered your witty comment when you restocked KBNJ's TP supply cabinet: "This is what I call eternal security!" :D

      I miss you dearly and I'm so happy that you took a moment to say hello with the same sentiments! How is retired life in the hill country...and life with the grandbabies?? Give my love to Barbara as well--I think of her every time we make lamb and asparagus, mmm! :)