Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unpacking the week

Two zillion trips back and forth and more junk piles dumped and donated than I'd like to admit, we're finally moved into our new place. You'd think moving into a smaller condo down the street and "simplifying" would be easy...yeah, I thought that too. At one point once our practical things were moved into our new place, I considered striking a match to that monstrosity of a house and it's equally large stacks of "what do we do with this?". If it weren't for our precious neighbors we shared a wall with, Todd would have been putting his explosive expertise to good use.

Seriously, I missed my husband and children while I was hacking through the thick jungles of junk. Thank the LORD I found my way out (just don't peek in my closet, you might find some vines still hanging).

So a week of my life was dedicated to sorting temporal possessions instead treasuring the ones running and playing in the midst of them. God forbid we accumulate anything more than memories in this new home!


  1. And you still found time to blog...and I guess you didn't throw out the computer then...

  2. Did you really have that much junk?