Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blog beginnings: Bees says...

"What are you waiting for, mommy? Start blogging! Right after you feed me, burp me, change my diaper, change my clothes because I just spit up all over myself, make my big brothers a snack, slay a dragon with Lion, vroom cars with Bear, give me tummy-time, transfer our laundry to the dryer, fold daddy's clothes, rush to an urgent call from the potty, mop the bathroom floor, listen to the voicemail of the call you just missed, put away those Legos you keep stepping on, make lunch for Lion and Bear, put said brothers down for a nap, feed me again, repeat diaper process, and then I'll irresistibly coo and smile with you until you doze off into a nap with me snug in your arms, dreaming of the day that you have a flash of time and creativity to blog..."


  1. You have to admit, you were pretty creative between the hours of 11:00pm and 12:30 am... maybe your window of blogging opportunity lies there!

  2. the title is ultra creative...I love it!

  3. Um! Let's just say I haven't been this enthused since.... We discovered Boar's Breath together! You are BLOGGING my witty witty witty friend. And I will be an avid fan! Thank you for doing this. It simply thrills my soul.